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Left Brain - Expression Modulator

The Left Brain is a light-controlled expression pedal that interfaces with effects offering expression control.

Controllable patterns of light result in the virtual turning of knobs when used in-conjunction with the available properties of a compatible effect pedal.

Over 50 Modez of controllable expression, an expression pattern loop recorder, and a host of other features to harness the potention waiting in your effects pedals.

Left Brain - Creative Expression

What if you could get a little more modulation from an effect on the floor, without resorting to yet another giant-sized foot-controllable expression pedal.

Tired of repeating patterns of sine/ square/ triangle waves and eager to break the cycle with some constrained randomness?

Check out the documentation for an overview of the different modez, controls, and features.

New Features in Version 2

v2 - Arduino Upgrade - The Arduino QTPY replaces the Gemma M0 from v1 for even more creative computer controlled opportunities. With open-source software and full programmability, the Left Brain can be adopted and expanded to allow for any controllable patterns of light you can imagine.

v2 - LED Backlit Knobs - The Left Brain now features addressable LEDs behind each knob in v2. With light no longer confined to the inside of the enclosure, additional feedback can be provided about the different Modez through light. With the newly expanded Arduino capabilities there are now 5 total addressable LEDS (2 internal, 3 external) which can be configured to either modulate the expression or provide illumination through the knobs. Additional consideration has been made to allow for the scaling of the knob lights through software so you can choose how bright they are on the outside.

New Features in Version 2

v2 - Buttons - Two buttons replace the complicated dance of knob turning from v1 and makes changing between new Modez and Banks of Modez easy. This also means the ability to create utility and special Modez.

v2 - Voltage Regulator - Leveraging standard 9v center-negative effect pedal power means stepping down to 5v to power the Arduino and LEDs in the Left Brain. While the voltage divider used in v1 worked great to power the Gemma M0, the addition of LEDs behind the knobs in v2 has increased the need for stable 5v power. The left brain now uses a 1117 5v Voltage Regulator that is surface mounted on the expression board.

v2 - Surface Mount Resistors - Each of the models in the Pedal Brainz Series can be easily adapted to provide different resistance to ensure maximum compatibility across the specifications of different effect pedals. This is achieved through a matrix of resistors that can be switched between (10k, 25k, 100k) in-conjunction with the scale knob, bringing flexibility and creativity. While the through hole resistors of v1 allowed for greater modding flexibility, v2 uses tiny surface mount resistors that make production faster.

Left Brainz

Have you ever wished for a tiny semi-sentient clone of your brain to turn the knobs of effect pedals while floating effortlessly across the fretboard without worry?

Do you like watching patterns of flashing light working in concert with the parameterization of effect properties while jumping off the deep-end of reality?

Harness the fully configurable power of your Left Brain and unlock the creative expression waiting for you with Pedal Brainz.

Hardware Features

3 Control Knobs:
Adjust the properties of light patterns and expression. (See Banks/ Modez below for property details)

2 Buttons:
Single-click to Increase or Decrease Mode number.
Double-click to Increase or Decrease Bank number.
***Bank change always begins with Mode 1 of new Bank***

Expression Type Switch (EXP / EYE):
Choose between manual expression (EXP) or engage the internal photocell (EYE) to add light-based control.

Scale Knob:
Variable control of the Maximum expression value.

Range Switch ( Least | / Less || / Full ||| ):
Adjusts the Maximum range of the Scale Knob.

Tip Direction (TR / RT):
Swaps the direction of expression between Tip-Ring (TR) and Ring-Tip (RT) for greater compatability across effects.

TRS 1/4" Jack:
Requires TRS (Tip, Ring, Sleeve) between Pedal Brain and effect.

DC Jack:
Tip Negative, Sleeve Positive.

USB-C Jack (Internal):
For accessing the internal Adafruit QTPY platform.

Modulation Waveforms

50 Modez are accessible across 5 Banks featuring an incredible selection of favorites as well as many which have been specially formulated to add unique expression and constrained randomness.

Greatest Hitz: While each mode is unique in this Bank, they cover the basics represented across the other Banks and are the perfect place to begin exploring Expression Modulation.

Shapez: A collection of Modez that fall into the Square and Triangle shaped modulations category, with a few surprises.

Rainbowz: Undulating color sequences with various static and random variations that can be modified.

Naturez: The great outdoors represented though color patterns, spontaneous eruptionz, and wild abandon.

Attractorz: Based on the Strange Attractors branch of mathematics, these modez provide creative, and often, non-repeating and steadily evolving patterns.

Modulation Controlz

Each Mode comes with a unique set of controls that allow for the fine tuning of modulation. Special focus has been put on creating Modez that are both functional and creative, often bringing the ability to refine or extend randomization to reign in the wild oscillations when called for or let loose with suprose and delight.

Here are some additional features that make the Pedal Brainz Left Brain unique:

External Brightness Control: This Mode sets the Maximum Brightness for the External Controls. If the external lights are too bright, you can turn them down using this Mode without effecting the Expression values.

Light Loopz - Expression Looper Mode: Light Loopz allows for the Recording of a combination of Manual Fade and/ or Momentary Full Brightness that plays back with adjustable Speed and Brightness.

Duration/ Speed Multiplier: This Mode sets a Multiplier Amount that can be used to extend/ slow the duration of the cycling x1, x2, or x3.

Plus a few other hidden features!

Left Brain v1

More info on the features of the v1 Left Brain

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