Pedal Brainz | 3rd Eye

3rd Eye

The 3rd Eye is a light-controlled expression pedal that interfaces with effects that offer expression control.

A light dependent resistor (LDR) on top of the enclosure controls the turning of virtual knobs when used in-conjunction with the available properties of a compatible effect pedal. Whether you're waving your hand or stomping your foot, the amount of light that reaches the LDR can affect the amount of expression.

Offering hardware functionality that increases compatability across the wide range of expression formats, the creative control is in your hands to adjust and refine the interaction.

3rd Eye

Expression at the wave of a hand, waggle of a foot, or shadow of doubt.

Hardware Features

Expression Type Switch (EXP / EYE):
Choose between manual expression (EXP) or engage the internal photocell (EYE) to add light-based control.

Scale Knob:
Variable control of the Maximum expression value.

Range Switch ( Least | / Less || / Full ||| ):
Adjusts the Maximum range of the Scale Knob.

Tip Direction (TR / RT):
Swaps the direction of expression between Tip-Ring (TR) and Ring-Tip (RT) for greater compatability across effects.

TRS 1/4" Jack:
Requires TRS (Tip, Ring, Sleeve) between Pedal Brain and effect.


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